Choosing Assisted Living

Loving Hands

Choosing the right assisted living facility for you or a loved one is like searching for the perfect home. The good news is that for most of us, we know what we like when we see it! The location is convenient, the layout functional, the living space warm and inviting, the staff attentive and helpful, and the atmosphere active and full of fun.

Because there is a care component that comes along with this decision, taking the time to find the right assisted living facility is the key to a resident’s long-term living experience. Whether you or a loved one requires memory care for Alzheimer’s or dementia, or just need a little day-to-day help, an assisted living facility might be the right choice for you.

We have put together the following list of questions that you may want to consider before choosing which facility to call home. While we believe this list is quite comprehensive, we encourage you and your loved ones to trust your initial feelings. Gauge your reactions to an assisted living home by using all of your senses and you will likely know when you have found the right “home.”

Provider Agreement/Policies

  • Do the assisted living facility’s services match my needs?
  • Have I reviewed the terms of the admissions agreement?
  • Is the unused portion of the rent refunded upon transfer/discharge?
  • Do I get to keep my own doctor?
  • Are the specific services offered clearly identified in the agreement?
  • Have I reviewed the house rules?
  • Have I reviewed all of the reasons for which I may be transferred or discharged?


  • Is the assisted living facility licensed by the state and in good standing?
  • Is the staff certified?
  • Is the management certified?


  • Is the bedroom private or shared?
  • Are the shared areas clean? (i.e. dining room, living room, etc.)
  • Is there space for personal belongings?
  • Can I bring my own furniture?
  • Does the floor plan allow for easy mobility for me?
  • Are there private areas other than the bedroom for visits?


  • Is bathroom safety equipment installed or available if needed? (grab bars, raised toilet seat, etc.)
  • Is there a call system?
  • Are walkers/wheelchairs permitted?
  • Are hallways and doorways wide enough for wheelchairs?
  • Is there a security entry/exit system on all doors?

Personal Service (Does the facility provide)

  • Assistance with meals?
  • Assistance with dressing?
  • Assistance with bathing?
  • How many times per week is bathing provided?
  • Assistance with toileting?
  • Assistance with incontinency?
  • Does this include assistance with bowel and bladder?
  • Assistance with transfers from wheelchair to bed, etc.?
  • Assistance with medications?


  • What is the operator’s/administrator’s training?
  • Does the staff receive training to work with special needs and behaviors, such as those associated with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or aging etc.?
  • Is there an RN on duty 24/7?
  • Is there high staff turnover?
  • What is the ratio of staff to residents?
  • Is the staff awake at night?

Assessing Your Need for Assisted Living

It’s common for people to question whether they truly need an assisted living facility for themselves or a loved one. We know that this can be a difficult decision. However, we also know that the decision to choose assisted living can have many benefits. After taking the step to choose Angels Assisted Living, we have heard many residents say, “If I had only known, I would have moved in sooner!”

Because we understand that a lot of thought goes into this decision, we created a short quiz to help you determine whether an assisted living facility might be right for you or your loved one.

Do You…

  • Take care of your own lawn/property?
  • Cook nutritious meals for yourself?
  • Socialize with friends and family as often as you like?
  • Make and attend doctor and dentist appointments by yourself?
  • Have someone to help you if you become ill or fall?
  • Shop for groceries and other necessities on your own?
  • Feel safe when in the bath or shower?

Are You…

  • Comfortable driving your car safely during daylight hours?
  • Able to keep up your appearance?
  • Able to walk without a cane or walker?

If you have answered “NO” to two or more of these quiz questions, we believe it may be time to consider assisted living as a way to help improve the quality and safety of your lifestyle.

Our staff is always available to assist you in the process of considering assisted living. Discuss your questions with us or set up a tour of Angels Assisted Living by calling (920) 676-9150.