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Our greatest mission is to make Angels Assisted Living feel like your home. We provide exceptional care in a comfortable environment that values dignity and independence—right here in Northeast Wisconsin. We go above and beyond what is expected of an assisted living community for one simple reason: If it were our mom or dad, that’s how we would want it.

David and Betsy Fry started Angels Assisted Living after David made a career change, but the story starts much earlier than that. Living across from an assisted living facility opened their eyes to the world of elderly care. After finding a resident locked out of the building one night, David and Betsy became her adopted family. After many visits, they found themselves building relationships with an entire wing of residents, with their daughter volunteering and Betsy taking a job at the facility.

It became clear that this is what David and Betsy were meant to do. They have a passion for taking care of residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other needs that come with aging. Owning Angels Assisted Living has given David a new outlook on life. In his words: “When you’re helping people, it’s just different.”

As owners of Angels Assisted Living, David and Betsy are in the facilities every day. They make every effort to ensure high-quality care for the residents that they love. With their passion for elderly care spurring them forward, David and Betsy hope to make each of their residents feel at home.

To hear more about David and Betsy’s story, or to learn more about Angels Assisted Living, call (920) 676-9150.

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