As a physician, I suppose I notice more than the average person would. When I first arrived, I immediately noticed what appeared to be a very clean facility. When we went into Marianne’s room, I especially noticed the very nice accommodations of cleanliness, privacy, and the attentive staff. Read more »

~ Mark S. Klepper, MD

My mother has been a resident of Angels on Arcadian for over one year. We moved our mother four times in the year prior before finally finding the right place for her, which was Angels.

The important difference with Angels as compared to other facilities is that the owners, Betsy and David, are present. They are there every day and are highly involved in the physical and emotional well being of the residents and because of this, they hire caregivers who are kind and vested in the comfort and safety of the residents. I enjoy watching how they interact on an individual basis with each resident, including making sure that my mother is wearing lipstick and the appropriate accessory, which is very important to her! The size of the facility is perfect. My mother doesn’t get lost or confused when navigating from her room to the living or dining area. She has also gained about 20 pounds since she moved in, which tells me that she is enjoying the food as well! We are very comforted and relieved that she has found a home with the Angels family.

~ Tory Salerno

Thank you for the loving care that Ann received during the past four years. The employees truly are ‘Angels’.

~ Family of Ann Van Rens

Words can’t say enough to thank you for all you did for my mom. Everyone at Angels was so caring to Norma – us, too! She was comforted and loved by all, especially the last few weeks. I knew she was in good care.

~ Family of Norma Penses (Edith & Nora Reschke)

We appreciated your care and concern for Mae. We felt confident that she was well taken care of by all of you. God’s blessings to you and the entire staff and residents.

~ Ron & Juanita

Hugs and thanks for all you do for Omer!

~ Pat Smits & family

You truly are Angels! I can’t thank you enough for taking such good, loving and compassionate care of Mom. I will remember it forever and let everyone I know, too! You are very special people!

~ The Titular family

Thank you for the wonderful care my mother, Marianne Zehren, received on a daily basis. Words cannot say how thankful we are for you and your caring staff. We will always remember Angels!

~ Nan Vanden Langenberg

My mom would want me to thank you for taking such loving care of her. You meant so much to her. We knew she was happy. She wasn’t always happy before she moved in, and you made her feel at home. She was always telling me about one sweet young friend after another. I am glad we chose this place for her to spend her last time on earth. I hope all of you keep spreading your love to others. You are wonderful people. You gave my mom a wonderful gift – the gift of yourself. Please keep giving it. It means more than you know.

~ Chris Roe, daughter of Betty Cornette

I want to commend Angels on Arcadian for the wonderful care and attention provided for Geneva; it is genuinely appreciated. Please accept our gratitude for the great care provided for Mom; we felt she received the care she needed at that point in her life. We couldn’t have felt more secure, more at ease and happier with the care and genuine feeling of affection that was given. With some of the horror stories that we hear occasionally about assisted living and nursing homes and how they abuse patients, it is comforting to know that ‘G’ was safe, comfortable and well cared for under your watch.

~ Mike Parrish

From day one, the staff has been attentive to mom’s needs. They took the time to get to know her as a person, and not just as ‘The Lady in Room 8’. They’ve displayed compassion toward her, and haven’t expressed frustration or impatience when she gets confused. She has a few little idiosyncrasies which your staff has come to know; and knowing those quirks, everyone works hard to make her as comfortable and happy as possible. Even though she doesn’t eat a lot, Mom is constantly telling me how great the food is, which is a most refreshing change from her previous residence. On those rare occasions when there’s been an out-of-the-ordinary problem concerning her, the staff has promptly contacted me and we figure out the way to best take care of the situation. I live in Florida and am not able to visit her anywhere near as often as I’d like, so I’m doubly thankful that I can rest at night knowing that she’s getting the best, most personalized care available. It means SO much to me to have her in a safe and caring environment, with people watching over her who truly care for her as a person. It’s not just a job to them and it shows with their efforts every day. Thank you for providing this place in your world for her to spend her days.

~ Jean McCarthy

I would like to take this opportunity to tell anyone looking for a home for their loved one that Angels Assisted Living is a very special assisted living facility. The owners (David and Betsy) are exceptional and they have hired a well-trained, compassionate staff. They really make you feel as though it is your home away from home, and it is. Thank you.

~ Diana R. Ducat

I knew we could not provide the amount of care mom truly needed. Working full time and taking care of her wasn’t that difficult, but leaving her home during the day was not an option. We thought of home services, checked out several assisted living facilities in the area, and even had her in one assisted living facility prior to Angels Assisted Living. Once again, it was not the level of care she needed. She needed help with blood sugars, blood pressures, medication administration, meal preparation, toileting, dressing, socializing, etc.

We also thought about the cost. No one wants to spend money unwisely! We felt as though our parents worked very hard all their lives and I know all my dad would want is to know she is in a safe, comfortable and caring place!

It was an adjustment, but we have found the care at Angels Assisted Living is just what she needed. She has adjusted well. She has actually joined in on some of the social activities and is so proud when she has her hair or nails done, wins at Yahtzee, or just has a really good day. We enjoy going to visit her and all the other residents and staff on a very frequent basis. They are like our family and friends, not just mom’s.

My most priceless memory is mom calling me to tell me she had a present for me. When I got there, she had gone on a “field trip” to the dollar store and bought a snow globe. She would never have done this in the past. She was very proud of her accomplishment. She has built up a trust in the staff and other residents and to me that is ‘priceless’.

Angels Assisted Living has provided her with friendship, compassionate care, medical care, meeting her nutritional and dietary requirements, socialization, spiritual needs and much more.

I personally want to thank all those involved in her care and for making me feel like a daughter again instead of my mother’s mother.

~ Barb Nelson

I am a social worker with Brown County Human Services’ Community Options Program. The goal of our program is to support elderly and physically disabled people in the community, and to keep them out of a nursing home. Prior to working in Brown County, I worked in Shawano County for the same program. In both counties we have been able to contract with David and his facilities to provide care for people who are no longer able to be in their home, on their own, but at the same time don’t need the level of care offered by a nursing home. I have elderly clients who have lived in the secure facility because they have dementia and are an elopement risk. David’s facilities have been a great place to fill this gap. The staff I have dealt with and the clients I have had there have been great.

~ Katie Natzke, CSW